Hip & Knee Center

The Hip and Knee Center at Ortho Montana specializes in helping patients who are considering or require a hip or knee, full or partial replacement.

Our Commitment

Americans are enjoying longer, more active lifestyles than ever before. It is our mission to provide excellent intervention to patients suffering from joint pain or discomfort allowing them to return to or continue with a dynamic, productive life, free of pain. We understand that taking care of a diseased joint is more than applying state-of-the-art surgical techniques, it is the skilled evaluation and appropriate diagnostic testing that determines the best plan of care.

Our Services

Our physicians offer comprehensive care for those with joint disease. We rely on a comprehensive medical history, physical examination, and imagining tools such as x-ray and MRI to develop individual treatment plans. Non-operative care may include medications, rehabilitation services, and/or joint injections. Surgical intervention may include a variety of reconstruction procedures including primary and revision replacement, utilizing computer assisted techniques.