Ortho Montana provides the highest value and quality in specialized and compassionate orthopedic care. Our Centers of Excellence focus and enhance commitment, teamwork, continuing education, outcomes measures, research, and implementation of the latest technology.


Highest Quality Care









Develop and enhance a subspecialty focus to optimize quality of care as evidenced by commitment, collaboration, continuing education, measurable outcomes, research and implementation of new technology.

Recruit our providers and then develop, enhance and focus the training and experience to continue to efficiently meet the needs of our community and region in the musculoskeletal arena.

Develop a superior business model optimizing the stewardship of our practice and providing a strong and secure platform to allow us to continue to meet challenges, seize opportunities, and enhance workplace satisfaction for our employees and physicians.

Promote a team approach, bringing together the finest physicians and staff to provide accessible and compassionate care for community in an atmosphere of integrity, respect and pride in our mission.

Ortho Montana is committed to making this group the premier place to work and to receive care.

A special thank you to Dr. Groover and the team at Ortho Montana. Each person was great. They were professional, caring, knowledgeable and willing to explain each procedure. Great team. Dr Groover A+

Donna Bosch - Google Review