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Fracture Liaison Service

Ortho Montana's Fracture Liaison Service is focused on reducing subsequent bone fractures in both men and women ages 50+. This is important because patients with a prior fragility fracture have a significantly greater risk for recurrent fractures and long-term issues. Most patients that qualify for this service will either have osteoporosis, experienced a fragility fracture, or are considered at risk of a compromised bone structure or low bone density.

The Ortho Montana Fracture Liaison Service can help prevent unnecessary bone degradation which untreated can lead to additional fractures, by conducting a comprehensive bone health evaluation with each patient. Blood tests and imaging are also used to determine if there is an underlying cause for poor bone quality. We will then develop a personalized plan to improve your bone strength and reduce the risk of future fractures.

What to expect when visiting the Fracture Liaison Service:

  • Evaluation for causes of previous fractures
  • Determine risk for future fractures
  • Develop individualized treatment plans to optimize and maintain bone health
  • Preventive care
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Medication counseling and management
  • Referral to physical therapy for gait and stability training if needed
  • Routine follow-up at least yearly for on-going management of this dynamic condition

Ortho Montana FLS Director

Dr. Kelsey Hoffman

Dr. Hoffman is a board-certified family physician with a certificate of added qualification in Sports Medicine. Her primary care roots and osteopathic training helped instill a strong desire to treat the whole patient. Bone health is a significant part of that. To refine her skills further and to better serve her patients, Kelsey has completed additional training with the National Osteoporosis Foundation as well as continuing education through the CDC's STEADI initiative. Her passion for treating osteoporosis goes even deeper, to a more personal level. Her own mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis in her 50s, placing her at increased risk for fractures, poor quality of life and long term issues. "Osteoporosis is a disease we can fight, we just have to start considering our bone health before it becomes a problem".

Call (406) 237-5050 to set an appointment with our FLS Clinic.